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Cargo truck glitch
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I run a private nitrado server and recently myself and others experience a glitch with the cargo truck.
Any time we add or remove any parts to the truck it suddenly begins spinning around the area, normally killing whoever is next to the vehicle.
Our private server is run through nitrado servers if that makes any difference.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

1: Find any cargo truck
2: add or remove any wheel to the vehicle
3: respawn

Additional Information

It's happened with every truck so far on our server.

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Surfjayce added a subscriber: Surfjayce.EditedApr 1 2021, 2:53 AM

This is also happening on public servers, it is not isolated to trucks only and it does not happen with every item you attach to the vehicle, the response of the vehicle is entirely unpredictable, for example it has happened to me 3 times,

first time: I found a truck with 1 wheel missing, on my travels to find this wheel i found an Ada car, i used the Ada to transport the wheel to the truck, as i drove up to the rear of the truck it began to spin and slide uncontrollably, hitting my car as im sat in it and knocking me out, i did not die on this occasion but my Ada was destroyed and the Truck ended up on its side.

second time: I accidentally crashed my Sarka but was lucky enough to be very close to another, so i took off a wheel from my crashed car to attach it to the new one, but as i attached the wheel to the new car it side swiped me killing me instantaneously.

third and final time: I found a truck with all 4 rear double wheels missing so i spent many hours in an Olga finding the wheels, after finding the wheels i drove back to the truck location, parking a distance away just in case i had a repeat of my Ada issue, i take the first wheel out of the Olga and walk it to the truck, i attach it with no issues, the truck remains stable. I return to the Olga for a second wheel, again i walk it over to the truck, i attach it with no issue once more. The third wheel however has other plans for me, i walk it to the truck and instantly as i attach it the truck side swipes me dead.

So you can see that this issue is not really reproducible as it does not happen with every vehicle, but its random nature makes it all the more dangerous.

I forgot to add that i am on Xbox Series X with a wired connection.

The devs are well aware of this. Basically anyone who has ever attempted to fix up a vehicle has experienced this glitch. If they just fixed cars, server side lag, and the inventory system, I'd be content with the game never getting any new content after that. We just want the game to work.