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wipe servers
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you’ve announced that you’ll clean up official servers every three or four months. you want to put an end to the spirit of honest players who take weeks and months to get good items. this only benefits duplicators, who in a few hours already have a plethora of items, just for duplication. I spent many hours of game to build my base, with a lot of sacrifice, and you say that in less than three months I will lose everything? RUST is coming to consoles, and if you continue to harm honest players, many people will migrate to RUST. Are you unable to solve the item duplicators problem and want to solve the problem by cleaning the servers every three or four months? That's it? The community is not silly. The only ones who don't care about cleaning the servers, are the duplicators, as they get everything back in a few hours.


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It would be nice to at least get an official answer from the devs on this. I don't see how anyone can agree with it. From our perspective it really just seems like honest players are being punished.

I think you're right even if they do wipe dupers will immediately have control over the servers again.