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AI Controlled Groups Don't Mount SPZ1A1 Line of Vehicles Completely
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Update 1.3 RC Branch:

AI controlled groups don't completely mount the SPZ1A1 vehicles; while player controlled groups do.

Video showing the problem:
Global Mobilization: AI Controlled Mounting of SPZ1A1 Series Issue


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

1: Spawn a group of 6 infantry units grouped to a SPZ1A1 line vehicle with an AI group leader
2: Place load waypoint
3: Watch as only a few units enter the vehicle

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Unfortunately, this issue is caused by vanilla Arma 3 AI, who have a tendency to completely ignore FFV turrets as valid cargo positions, this issue can also be observed with other vehicles that make use of FFV turrets instead of regular cargo positions.

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cannot be fixed by us

Thanks for the update Gal. I hope Bohemia makes a fix in the future.