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NVG Glitch
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My NVGs have only run out of battery once since the last update so I'm not sure how wide spread it is. When they ran out of batteries (the battery always shows as full when equipped to the NVGs which is annoying), I took them out and replaced them. When I did this, the option to toggle lights after holding RB wasn't showing. I let my friend hold the helmet they were attached to and he couldn't see the NVGs on them nor could he see them on my character's head. I logged out and logged back into the server. My friend could then use the NVGs and could see them however I still couldn't turn them on. I found out that the only way to get the option is also to attach a universal flashlight to the helmet so now when "toggle lights" shows up when holding RB.

The issue happened yesterday and is still ongoing. Stable server MI8650. I can turn my NVGs on, take the flashlight off the helmet, and my NVGs will stay on yet I will not have an option to toggle lights. My friend can wear my helmet and toggle them no problem so it seems to be an issue with my character.


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Windows 7
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Not sure how easily it can be reproduced but wear NVGs until battery is dead and replace the battery. The way I did it, I kept the helmet on my head, held X on the battery, then dragged a battery from my backpack to the battery slot for the NVGs. After this I realized that the toggle lights function wasn't showing and my friend couldn't see the NVGs on my helmet or as an inventory item.

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Logging out for the night depletes my batteries even when the NVGS aren’t on..
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WYLDCHYLD6666 added a subscriber: WYLDCHYLD6666.EditedMar 13 2021, 1:39 AM

I found that if you log out with nvg on and when you login they wouldn't work and what I have to do to get them working again was to take the battery out and put back in for the to work I didn't put a new battery in

RyGyC added a subscriber: RyGyC.Mar 13 2021, 7:33 AM

Yeah when I log out with the nvg on, they appear to be off when I log back in but the battery is still draining like they’re on until I turn them on and off a few times.

What @RyGyC said. Ive subscribed as its been an issue over multiple releases and no fix. Want to add support and see a fix scheduled.