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Items sometimes end up in containers that can hold loot while being placed in your inventory
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This goes for containers that can hold loot while also being in your inventory such as medical bags or protective cases. Sometimes when you have one of these in your inventory and they aren't full, when you pick something off the ground it will randomly be placed inside the container. I try to keep perishable items in these types of containers but sometimes I'll pick up loot, have no idea where it went, then a few minutes later realize it ended up in a protective case or medical bag. Not too big of an issue but it can be annoying at times.

Another related "issue" is that if you have one of these containers in your hand and there is an item in your vicinity, when you hit B to exit the inventory menu, it will put the item on the ground inside the container that's in your hands. The game must think you are trying to "combine" the item with the container. I don't believe this is how it's supposed to work but if it is then no worries.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Have a protective case in your inventory with space available. Pick up items off the ground. Sometimes they will go right into the protective case.

Have a protective case in your hand with inventory available. Stand over an item, hit select to bring up the inventory menu, then hit B to exit. The item will sometimes end up in the protective case.

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Don't let the negativity get to you guys. No game compares to DAYZ and we should all just be happy that it exists in the first place.

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Forgot to mention this happens on stable server MI8650. Have not confirmed that it occurs elsewhere.

I just realized that this also happens with pouches. Even worse, pouches have a "weight" of over 20 but when you attach them to a plate carrier, the whole assembly only weighs I think 16. But with the pouches, it can hold I believe 24. For some reason, plate carriers with pouches attached can actually hold stuff in your inventory. It's like inventory inception. It seems that the game prioritizes putting loot inside the pouches that are inside the plate carrier that is inside your inventory rather than putting it in an available inventory slot.