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"Cars broken - known bug"
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I understand this is a bug that people are talking about alot but i want to drop my own input on it.

vehicles having spasms and launching into the sky or sinking through the ground.


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Windows 7
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When driving a car on Xbox you can generally get up to about 3rd gear or around 80 mph before the bug kicks in and shakes your car to oblivion and back, when i drive i notice that it seems the cars pick up every little bump in the road as well as what seems like stiff suspension and collisions with the tires and the body frame clipping inside and having a spasm while it tries to separate from that position. tires also seem to clip through the road a little when watching from the outside.

i would love to see this bug looked into and im totally here for testing needs if necessary as so far in my 2 month journey of dayz I dont play anything else 12 hours a day.

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TW_Shin created this task.Feb 26 2021, 8:39 PM

I'm relatively new to this game but to add to this, I think sometimes cars get worse if you drive them through a big city. I've only ever driven through a large city once and it was Electro. The game was almost unplayable as I was driving through and when I miraculously got out of the city I realized that my car continued to bug out. I couldn't drive faster than 20 km/h because the car acted like it was driving over cobblestone or something. Constantly made the suspension clunking noises and would steer itself off the road. Usually the only issue I encounter is the game freezing for a few seconds and my car being teleported off the road into a tree.