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Server hopping/1st person
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If it was made so characters are bound to a server like community characters are, it would really help this game be played as intended. It would solve a great deal of problems and make the game way more fair. Server hopping needs to stop.

Also, the brightness needs bumped up slightly in 1st person servers. It is super unrealistically dark. For instance, if wearing night vision, you can see the shadows from everything which are being cast by ambient light but if you take off night vision you cannot see any ambience. It is literally pitch black. I live in the mountains in the woods and even when there is no moon your eyes adjust to see a little and those times are rare. Usually way more often than not there is plenty of ambient moonlight. It should only be as dark as it currently is if inside a building or very dense woods and you should be able to make out some sort of contrast, for a small distance at least.

Since this 1.11 update I have seen no improvement in the games performance or the CLE. It seems exactly the same. I just encountered a glitch where holding a fish filet I was eating locked me out of my inventory and I had to re-log. Killing infected in buildings is making them disappear under the floor or appear out of reach on the roof.


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So you are saying we should only be able to stay on one server. Also they did bump the light up in previous update. It used to be pitch black. The only way you would be able to see is if you had night vision or use flares and glow sticks to see. Now you can see a little at night. I agree when the moon is out it should be a little lighter but in reality when the moon is not out it is pitch black. I aslo have lived in the mountains and when the moon is not out it is pitch black and you can see nothing. For example before all of the updates you were able to wear night vision at night giving you a advantage. Now you still have a little advantage but other players can now see you with no night vision in certain areas and at a certain distance. Before you could literally be wearing night vision and a player without night vision would never ever see you at all. So the light has changed. I dont agree that we should aslo be stuck only playing on one server.