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Glitched items, loss of item
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A friend and I have had a glitch occur whenever we are switching out items or dropping an item. In this case today I yet again dropped a backpack onto the ground in a shed near military at Zelenogorsk too pick up another item and when I tried too find my bag too pick it up again it had despawned or glitched away. The area is not always the same but whenever items are dropped or switched out it seems there is a chance for the item too completely dissapear. If you need more info pls ask. Please fix this problem. I have lost items each time too this that were vauluable and have a rare percentage spawn rate in the game ie. plate carriers and other. If a glitch like this occurs too me again I will not be able too continue playing. I am not sure where the item goes or what happens too it. The items or backpacks with items seem too dissapear entirely. My best guess is they somehow end up in a wall or under the map


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Placing an item on a shelf or maybe a bed and swapping for a larger item per say. I’m not entirely sure. There may be a specific method but at the moment it almost seems random

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Please help fix this problem