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DayZ Suggestion to enjoy the game
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The landscapes are amazing and it feels like you can't properly explore them and enjoy the game because so much time is spent looking for food, and eating.

Within 10 minutes of spawning I ate 2 apples, 5 pumpkins and a tin of tuna, and my character was still starving. I purchased 4 copies, one for me and one for each of my brothers, I was hoping for some bonding over lockdown in a zombie infested world, but we play for 15 minutes - we die of hunger, we try again and the cycle continues. Sure you can find fruit eventually but it's never enough. My character needs more food in 30 minutes of gameplay than I need in 3 days.

If you could eat maybe just once or twice a day in the game, that would open up so many opportunities. For now though me and my brothers give up. I hope one day this game introduces a few changes to increase enjoyability.


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jpc created this task.Wed, Jan 13, 10:42 AM

Even more time is spend by scroling in that clunky menu screen.
And yes is quite hard, not easy game.

The more u move the more u lose food

jpc added a comment.Thu, Jan 14, 11:49 AM

It's ridiculous! I walked 5 miles and ate 5 peppers, 3 pumpkins, 1 plum and 2 apples and my character just died of hunger! To pick up and wear a jacket I had to basically get naked first and throw everything on the floor.

Reload should be one button, not having to find ammo that matches and combining it to your weapon.
We played for 2 hours and just seem in a constant cycle of eating and dying and respawning.

So frustrating. The map is huge but can't even explore it. They have wasted so much time designing everything because you can't walk 1 mile without needing food. In reality you can survive around a week without eating. This game you can't survive 7 minutes without eating an entire vegetable patch