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Server/Game unplayable on xbox
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Just to give context, I recently went back to play dayz after 1.10 patch. I quit when food was unfindable and base building was not favorable, but came back when things improved.

I expected the game to be running smoothly ( trucks shouldn't have been added back in before fixes to cars and frame rate of the game is in better condition, could work with basic frame for the vehicles

But lag so bad that everyone on the server consistently skips around makes the game unplayable.

This is on most server's and private one ( with slight increase in spawn rates

Zombies lagging through the walls of a house, into me and Players that are dead staying standing and moving, even though they have the indicators of being dead and lootable, game crashes or desych a lot of the time cars are unbelievable shit with lags or jitters like as game wants to kill you

Pretty awful to leave consoles high and dry like this while pc gets such amazing improvements

Makes it really feel like a long con cash grab and lack of support when next gen consoles has been out for nearly two month


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Start up the game, walk about or drive then it happens most of the time ( before and after server restart )
Game freezes, jitter or desync.

Additional Information

Please improve performance and optimisation... seen soo many videos of pc version and I know there still issues on pc.

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During gameplay, it would jitter or freeze up when or while driving or going in and out of menus ( inventory and vicinity ) once built a base for myself and others on server has ( private )
Then framerate of the whole game goes to shit ( only with increased rates of drop and truck set up. Also recently reinstalled server taken off

On xbox server issues is on going and the game it self is desnyc and loading issues with items or bases