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The problem with garden
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So the garden is nice new touch on how it stays in the game for long time. But the problem is now that it stays and ur around ur base all the time it wont despawn and that’s not the only problem people are now using them to block people from rebuilding the base back after someone blows threw a wall they place a garden so u can’t rebuild which is horrible for the game. So what I’m proposing is that u make it to where u can destroy the garden as well as have the option to make one with a shovel so that these problems can be resolved and that the new function can still stay in the game but not cuz it to where u can change ur garden spots in ur base if u chose to remodel ur base and also stop people from using it to stop a person from rebuilding their walls back so people don’t loot their whole base if they get on.


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Windows 7

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