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I'm getting tired of being killed on site, I spent good money on a game to play and co operate with other people. However this game has now turned into a shoot/kill on site. I have 2 suggestions that could make game play better for everyone.

1- make the pvp area only in military bases, if you want that M4 try and get and hope not to get shot.

2- have a green dot and a red dot. If a player is green dot he is friendly. The red dot is noon friendly, but can't kill a green dot player, only red dot players. If I red dot player shoots at a green dot player to get zombies on him; the red dot player will get all zombies in him. However if a green dot player enters a military base then red dot players can shoot them also green dots can shoot green dots.

I Bellerive any of these 2 options will make the game not cool operative. Please stop the kill on site.


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Go and play on Community or get your own server. This is dayz and it's a survival game not a role playing game.

And what's your point, start if I just shot you on site. You'd be mad right, lost all your stuff. Have to start over again 10 times dying by starvation or thirst. I'm not the only one fed up with this. I can count 100's of players fed up with this. The main purpose of the game was for people to co operate not shoot eachother up. You want to do that play call of duty, day z is not call of duty. You want to pay 220 dollars a year for a server, your nuts man.