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Inventory space for the blue School Backpack is not working
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When the blue School Backpack is equipped, its inventory is not visible and not accessible from the inventory menu. Loot can still be added to its inventory automatically by the "take" function, but then it cannot be accessed until it is swapped to hands. Items assigned a quickslot can be moved between the hands and the backpack without issue while it is equipped.

Similarly, when the blue School Backpack is in the vicinity and has items inside, the only way to access the items is to take it to hands first.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Put the blue School Backpack on and try to access its inventory. Put something in the blue School Backpack and try to access it without first taking the backpack to hands.

Additional Information

Does not seem to affect the other School Backpacks. Just the blue one.

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This may not pertain to what you are saying, but I have noticed sometimes the inventory for backpacks/barrels is collapsed by default. You could try hovering over the backpack in your inventory and pressing R3/Right trigger to expand its inventory while its equipped.