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Getting stuck inside building with infected in
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When I am in a building with infected in and they are attacking me, I cannot run out of the building. The game seems to glitch and I just keep bouncing back to where I was and continue to be attacked by the infected. It has happened numerous times. It almost feels like you get stuck to the infected when they are attacking you. It's very frustrating to die and lose hours of gameplay from a glitch.


Operating System
Windows 7
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

Go inside building, allow infected to follow you in.

They start attacking you, try to run out of building and are unable to.

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if there are a lot of zombies they block you from moving, it's a feature not a glitch. only way to to kill your way out.

now, if there is rubber banding issue because you're stuck in a door, etc. then that's a glitch. it's tough to tell from your summary.