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Lack of ak 47s and m4s
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All you ever find is sks after sks and then another sks you guy need to add more full autos and i mean a lot more ill spend 10 hours in tizy and not find 1 gun. Im about to stop playing all together cause im tired of only ever finding sks and a mp5 once in awhile.


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Please add more full autos the game its just so boring when ive played like 200 hours so far and not even found a full sized ak or m4 it makes no sense.

CRAIG1975 added a subscriber: CRAIG1975.EditedNov 8 2020, 1:29 AM

I played for over 2 YEARS before I found my first M4. After 3 years, I've still only ever found 2...The problem is with 'dupers' who duplicate all the best guns...only a small number spawn on a server and when that limit is reached, no more will spawn. If the limit is, say x10, M4's per server but 5 'dupers' on the server each has x10 each, you'll never find one...

Yo sorry its unrelated but isnt the feedback tracker how i report hackers? How can I report an aimbot hacker they definitely were hacking me and my friend died from headshots inside a building and they are still playing on the official server