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Dayz Features, Base Building, Cars, Gear.
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Here are a few things that I think the community of dayz for Console would like prioritized for future updates if possible.

Base Building: Less restrictions with building bases, either option to remove furniture from buildings, or allow a the build any where mod on pc, or just less restrictions.
Watchtowers should have a build stair/build Floor option so there isn't a hole in every watchtower.
if Xbox isn't getting the base Building features where we can craft doors to make a building a base any time soon, can we at least get code locks like on pc? The dial locks are a hassle and people can guess the codes easily.
And lastly, can we please get more storage options, at least a locker and or a gun rack.

Cars: Cars need to have a tiny bit better acceleration, especially when going uphill on a road, it's insane that a car can't go up a tiny hill, especially if it's on a road.
the ADA should have better off road handling and speed, or just all around better drivability off road.
Lastly Backpacks should be able to be stored in cars with items inside them. In order for this not to be too overpowere and being able to have storage space multiplied , increase the size of backpacks to limit the amount able to be stored.

Gear: Color variations for backpacks, plate carriers and accessories. Like black and green plate carriers, black and or grey mountain, combat, hunting backpacks with camo variations.
And maybe slots for the backpacks, slot for water, pan/pot.


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I agree a build anywhere for console is needed you cant build a strong base. In most houses because of the restrictions in place. Also stacking walls would be a good option aswel.

I couldn't agree more about the hole in the floor of Watchtowers. I've been saying the same thing for ages. The hole should only appear if you build Stairs.