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Not able to fix my car after a huge lag spike
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I was filling a jerrycan at a gas station and when i got into my car and started driving (very slow) a lag spike teleported me into a sign. The hood, front tires, spark plug and radiator was damaged to the point where they was red. And the car got a yellow engine light, lighting up in the dashboard. I tried to get the damaged car parts off the car but it didn't work. This is super frustrating.. its ruining the game completely, and frankly it seems like you (developers) don't give a fuck about it. Thanks a lot..


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Driving a car lag spike occurs. Then not being able to fix the car parts that are broken

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Move around the car and remove the Ruined parts via the Vicinity in your Inventory. I stand, roughly, by the car door to do it.

Believe the new wrench is required to remove parts, I've also been unable to remove car parts but haven't found the wrench to test it so I could be wrong.