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4 Dial Combination Lock Fails to Detach from Gate
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Twice now, I've input the correct code on the combination lock on my base but the lock fails to drop off forcing me to destroy the gate. Once destroyed, the lock drops off, I pick up the lock and find the code on the lock is exactly the same as the code I've been inputting.
I have to dismantle the Wall beside the gate to get out (luckily I had a Crowbar or I'd have had to swap servers and respawn down south), spend x2 hours looking for tools to destroy the Gate, spend another hour actually destroying the Gate, then fix the Gate back up and find another Combination Lock...putting the old lock back on results in the lock failing to drop off again. All in all, that's about x4 hours of my time wasted. All the while I'm out searching for tools to destroy the gate with, there's a hole in my base (the lower Panel and Frame that I had to dismantle in order to get out), which could result in my base getting raided whilst I'm out searching and I'd lose over a month of progress.
The second time this happened I actually got killed by a player whilst I was out looting for tools to destroy the gate. I lost all the loot on my character, had to spend SEVERAL hours getting back to my base AND I still had to find tools to destroy the Gate.
All of those hours wasted and all because the Combination Lock wouldn't drop off even though the correct combination had been input.


Operating System
Windows 7
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This is on Xbox One

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This has happened multiple times...