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Zombies/hoards, trying to gun melee your way out. Running up on to melee, getting over run to melee.
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When you encounter more than one zombie and go into melee mode with your gun, the game makes character freeze and stand still and shake around a little. Same thing with when you approach a couple zombies to take them down quickly. This also happens with other melee weapons as well when getting over run by z's. Zombies also get glitched on top of buildings after entering said building somehow. I've made previous reports to you guys is the past on this matter as well.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Get overrun by 5 or so zombies. Try melee your way out with gun to defensively distance yourself or other melee weapon. Watch zombies get trapped on roofs or go thru walls while being chased.

Additional Information

There needs to be a implementation of character having a unrelenting force % making zombies stagger when character is running into them on foot sprinting jogging or walking, they all need to be a different animation or stagger for each movement style.

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