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M B Tiby Wolves jumping to the top of east side barracks
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We had finished looted all of M B Tiby we logged off for maybe an hour or so to let some time pass by. When we had logged back on it was dark so we made out way to the 2 story barracks on the east side by the single jailhouse. We were swapping loot as i had found a m4 and a KAS 74U server ended up resetting just a bit after we got done swapping loot and once we got back into the official server we had heard wolves and started shutting doors and watching the windows, they ended up getting in somehow so we went up too the roof where they eventually would randomly teleport straight up ontop of us which eventually ended up in our death and and all of our loot gone. Not sure if this is a bug or is suppose to happen (which the roof jumping wouldn't make sense i understand they could get through the bottom level windows thought very easily). We are somewhat newer players also (been playing for 3 months or so now) So loosing an M4 due to a frog like wolf can be a bit irriating.


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Windows 7
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There were 2 bears and a 2nd pack of wolves showed up right before we bled to death due to not being able to shred our clothing for emergency wraps. The wolve swould teleport up and down so frequently that we both went through 2 bandage rolls and a few rags we had.

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Not sure why i have it labeled as windows 7. This issue is on the ps4 platform