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Server 3858 - Immediate “you were kicked off”
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So basically i cant load into 3858. I can load into to any other official server just not that one. I can load into 3858 on a seperate account but not my main account. The server is up and running as 8 of my friends are currently playing in for the past 3 hours. Whats going on??!? Ive reset internet, reset xbox, loaded a different game.


Unable To Reproduce
Operating System
Windows 7
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

I dont know whats happened. Just cant log into my main server.

Additional Information

As i mentioned before i cant load into 3858.
But i can load in to any other official server.
Any other account can load into 3858 just not my main.
The server is working as my friends have been playing in it all day.

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