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Persistence not working properly.
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Logged in two days ago on a public server to find nearly half the walls of our big base have disappeared. I know there’s a timer on not touching then but I built an inner wall and about two weeks later made the outer wall yet they have all gone together. Which makes zero sense! Then after this happened I made sure interacted with everything in the base spent ages doing it. Every tent every vehicle every wall. Then I log on tonight (uk time) and two cars have just up and vanished like farts in the wind. I actually really like this game but this sort of pathetic rubbish makes it unplayable. To waste hours and hours doing the game the way you’re told to play it just for it to completely wipe out that hard work. I’m done now until more patches. Not worth buying anymore. Glad i am playing game pass and have spent no money on this. I was very close to buying it too.


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Windows 7
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Smash your head against a wall.

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MNellie created this task.Aug 8 2020, 10:42 PM

Just to add every item in the tents and cars were completely untouched and that what is left still is untouched. So definitely not raided.