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Gear disappears when swapping gear off floor to hands
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Have been loosing lots of gear because of the bug that either disappears my gear or it falls into floor or objects out of reach from visible area or inventory area surrounding the player/caracter.
Seems to happen more when swapping items off the floor with items in hand, or from floor to invemtory containers. But mostly happens when they auto selection for inventory goes to items not selected previously and you swap wrong gear for gear on floor.
This auto selection always seems to select the first item in inventory, ie the weapons on my back..
This auto selection is a horrible function. Always forcing me thru multiple selection movements before i get back to the Items i am dealing with. But the accidentle swap of gear after an auto selection is usually what disappears. But what pisses me off is that the gear disappears to begin with. Almost 10 years of bugs and now this.
Why do i keep having to do work arounds for a game this old? This is a horrible way to keep ppl playing, when the gear they have been searching for days for is lost by simply trying to swap items from gear thats being replaced.
Ex. Today on an alt toon, i finally got a patrol jacket. Repaired it, then put it on. Tried to start swapping gear from the old bdu jacket and the auto selection trades the bdu for the patrol jacket. So now i am wearing the old jacket again. But the patrol jacket disappears and the kas 74u weapon, +mags, i just put into it are lost as well. Looked outsied the building on ground on its roof but the gear just vanished. I no longer had access to it visibly from any location i was at.
This game should not be having these container and swappong issues this long since dev on the old mod or the xbox release. Almost 10 years and ppl are still losing gear to bad bugs in this game.

Guess my "entitlement" for actually expecting paid games to work better is too much to ask for anymore. Truly tired of having this problem in dayz, esp since the 1.08 update. Funny that games like ghost recon breakpoint, which has a massive gear and loot selection, dont have this issue.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Swapping gear from floor to hands or inventory containers or character.

Issue is both on flat ground, inside buildings on flat floor, and on objects like beds, furniture, and even watchtowers.

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