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Fireplace Death Bug?
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So yesterday when I was playing, I was messing around with the fireplace and noticed that it had inventory slots. I then proceeded to transfer an anti-septic spray to it and backed out of it. A few minutes later my character started making noises like he was being damaged and the bleeding icons gaining up to a stack of 7. I started to lose blood fast and I was completely unable to use rags or use bandages either to fix the bleeding. My blood meter went all the way down but I didn't pass out or die. I was playing with a friend so he thought I might have been bugged and suggested I logged out and logged back in. After I logged back in I was alive for about two seconds then instantly died.


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Xbox One
Steps To Reproduce

Build a fireplace and place it, then open up the inventory and place an anti-septic bottle in the proximity inventory slots of the fireplace.

Additional Information

It was my first time ever playing the game, but I still had decent items, not very upset about it since I was bound to die anyway, but the death was kind of stupid.

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