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Cooking pot
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The cooking pot randomly grabs stuff from inventory and equiped when being attached to a campfire. And half the time still ends up in the cooking slit instead of equipment so food can be boiled. Ruined a blood bag, grabbed a glowstick, long stick and even ruined the helmet I was wearing when it snagged it off my head somehow.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Attempt to attach cooking pot to fire from hands, have also noticed stuff randomly getting put into it when pulling into inventory

Additional Information

Honestly the Xbox inventory interface can still use quite a bit of work. Enjoying the game regardless but not trying to.purchase to own with such frustrating inventory management/interaction

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This happened to me too.

I put water and chicken breasts into the pot, then attached it to a fireplace (full sized chimney fireplace with grate).

My friend couldn't see the pot, so I took it off and dropped it on the floor, apparently he picked it up and attached it to the fireplace but it was still on the floor for me.

I couldn't pick it back up, he was adding items to the pot and they appeared on the floor where he was standing and I witnessed a chicken breast cook all by itself on a wooden floor.

Also some of my items would randomly attach themselves to the pot over distance when I tried to pick up/move them.

It was as if the pot was still in my inventory and that items were automatically storing in the pot because my other containers were full.