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Health drain
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Well it was happening to my friend when we were playing together. I couldn’t figure out why his health was draining. He ate to top off his hunger, and drank to top off his thirst, his temp was white, his blood was topped off. Before that happened, I was crafting a fireplace, I first got wood and used paper as kindling, then got stone to make it into oven. I got the frying pan which had fat and dried mushroom and placed it in oven. I tried igniting it and it didn’t work. I couldn’t ignite fire so I just removed pan and it said it was 200c•. Then he said his health was draining, so I told him to quit game. I kept trying to fix fire but now I couldn’t ignite at all, still had kindling. I removed stone and paper, and then put bark to kindle, then I tried to see if I can reignite, but nothing. I removed wood and crafted another camp fire with it and still same problem. I got sticks from a tree and made a whole new campfire and ignited it and now it worked. Then I upgraded it with stones to oven. My friend spawned back in, his health was still draining fast, we told him to stop drop and roll outside in rain. He was still dying, we told him to take off clothes and he was still dying. He died. I checked his clothes and it was all in his current condition and not ruined. So we don’t know how he died, I’m guessing it had to do with fire place. My brother died like that but he died very instantly and his clothes were ruined but we had a portable stove that was off.


Operating System
Windows 7
Health System
Steps To Reproduce

Anything cookable tool such as fireplace or portable stove, when away from it, randomly experience infinite health drain until death.

Additional Information

PS4 slim latest update firmware

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