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Dayz Cheat
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I've been playing Dayz standalone for a long time and there is a very clear pattern that I experience that I'm convinced indicates that someone has figured out a significant way to cheat in this game. To understand how I've come to this conclusion, I have to give a little background on how I came to it. I play Dayz to survive as long as I can. I don't come on to kill other players, I like the survival aspect of it. To that end, I spend a great deal of time away from hot areas and attempt to set up bases/tents/barrels/crates in the woods, far away from dangerous areas. Theoretically, my only real enemies should be wolves, the occasional bear, and that extremely rare other player. However, whenever I get one of the rare guns available in this program, such as a KA-M, KA-101, KA-47, SVD, LAR, VSS, or M4, within two days of finding these guns i'm ambushed, usually out in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes I've buried them in places in the woods that would be a miracle for a player to stumble across. I'm convinced players have a way to track down these guns on the map. Here's why I think they do it. It's rare to come across these guns by playing the game, so they track down players who have them or places where they've been hidden, kill the player if he/she is holding it, take the guns, and run to the airfield to kill other players. After they're toasted, they rinse and repeat. I love this game, and want to get more involved. But if this issue is not resolved, I won't play it anymore. And please don't tell me my conclusion is impossible. My best friend tests firewalls for a major corporation, ie, he's a professional hacker. My discussions with him have convinced me that my conclusion is sound.


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penuti created this task.Jul 28 2020, 2:58 PM

@penuti, sadly there are cheats for the PC version that do let players track down players, stashes, and specific items anywhere on the map. I switched to PS4 because of BattleEye not being able to stop the cheaters.

Fundog, I very much appreciate your response. What games do you play that are similar to Dayz and where cheating is minimized that I can switch to?

Etereo added a subscriber: Etereo.Jul 28 2020, 10:39 PM

таких нет игр. На каждую игру делают читы.. Просто разработчики не стараются остановить и сделать античит

zysen added a subscriber: zysen.Jul 29 2020, 4:44 AM

Players, fences and storage are all network visible from 1000m away. If someone has an ESP or Radar they can see all your players equipment from that distance.
BE does a reasonable job, and people can now hack on PS4 BTW, although its rare.

You could always try private servers, where moderators are more involved and likely to catch cheaters.
I run a server where i bait cheaters by doing exactly what you said above. Put a FAL in your hands and they come running.

zysen, как найти ваш сервер?

Wow, I had no idea....this will drive away people from playing Dayz

@estereo. I've played different servers on Dayz Standalone. in EVERY server I've played on the same thing happens. The problem is very widespread.

@zysen what hacks are there for PS4?

@penuti I don't play any other games, sorry. Your best bet is to run your own server and only allow people willing to confirm their identity to join it.

I know one p*rate project with its own anti-cheat, for a year of playing I have not met a single cheater. Although the project is Russian-speaking, I sometimes meet English-speaking players.
The project is called ZOS Strike Arena, it has pretty good hosting and many different servers, there is a mod, classic and many others. There is also a server with version 0.59.

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