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Admin Log - Vital log items disappeared
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I have spent countless days/hours helping in the development of a kill feed system that reads the log data and posts the server activity to Discord servers. The only item we have for this development is the .ADM logs. Since the update 1.08, we seem to have lost a lot of the more vital activities, like base raiding logs.
We were hoping to start receiving more log updates in addition to having the raid logs back, for example, if we could see "Player Brandon10x15 killed a Bear using an AK74 from 20 meters." or see Player killed a zombie, That would give us a whole new incentive for people to work towards hunting, because we could then start saving how many animals and or zombies they killed, of which type, and from how far. A lot of people like to see the leaderboard, more so, they like to work to be on top of it. I feel like this would be a good move for DayZ in general as it would give more of a competition feel to servers that are aiming to be PVE.
I feel like this could be easily implemented on you guy's end and would add a lot more interest to the game as well.
Maybe even give Nitrado an optiion for disabling player vs player actions, like a friendly fire mode.


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