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low food and water/foot wears low quality
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Fresh into world I eat my 1 plum and start off looking for loot, but buy the time I get out of the forest I'm so low on food and water my HP starts too deplete and when I get too any town I'm dead from lack of food and water, I all so had no rags buy then because I had too use them too stop bleeding from my feet because the shoes were all ready destroy, all in 30-45 mins from spawn.


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Windows 7
Additional Information

i was walking/ running around looking for better gear i was full at the time, and i had half food and water going too a small town trailing the rail road tracks, when i needed my long gun for a player, too back off or go away, it was gone so im going too beleve that it came off my person or vanished, i would like that too be fixed soon so it does not happen to others or me again in the next 10 lifes. Afer words when the player ran away my HP was going down, i had not been hit or bleeding, my food was up my water was going down I also could not run, my HP being low as well so i could not run my person was struggling to move he would not run so i had him eat my 1 only can of food, too see if i could get more water insind him, it did not help it mad hims HP go less, my HP was bliking, and then i had died for none i was not sick or cold or too hot, i have no idead what that could have been.
i was going around one of the train yards and the floor outside for a room/ building was gliching.

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