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Stacking Building Materials
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Hi Geez, this has been an issue since launch. not major but a fix would be a nice QOL change.
When stacking planks in 1.07 you could create a max stack of 20, it was fiddly but if you added a larger stack to a smaller stack they would combine to a 20 stack. but not if the stack were of equal size. say 10 combined with ten wouldn't work.
I have found that in 1.08 you struggle to combine any size stack.
Also in 1.08 Sheet Metal spawns in varying amounts, whereas before in was always in stacks of ten. unfortunately you never have been able to stack sheet metal to its max size of 20 stack since launch unless you combine them by attaching in a wall slot, unfortunately when carrying them large distances this causes multiple trips.
Also now Sheet Metal will spawn in stacks larger than ten but a player for some reason when picking up the metal will only pick up ten, no matter if there's more. no way to combine or drag into hands,etc. I hope this helps as its been an issue for some time & maybe an easier fix than some bugs.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

try to stack planks or sheet metal in hands.
will not allow.
try picking up more than ten sheet metal from the floor, only ten will be picked up with no means to combine.

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There’s a work around for this. Say you have 10 in your hand of anything and 10 on the ground.
Split 1 pile right down into day groups of 2s.
Then use one 2 pick up the 10 then drop them.
Pick up another 2 pick up the 12 then drop them.
Keep doing that until you get to 20. It does work.