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Livonia south map!!!!
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Been all over the livonia map many times, been playing this game for several months and everywhere I go it's all the same low grade loot as where I spawn. NEVER seen a m4, lar, vss,vsd or any other rare weapons!! Like i feel they should be rare but come on Found multiple downed helos but again nothing impressive, like wtf?


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D3fi4nT created this task.Apr 24 2020, 5:01 PM

Its pretty bad I know. I have been playing for 5 months now with multiple hours and multiple heli crashes with only finding a lar. It was like hitting the lottery. My friend found a m4 but it was somebody's buried stuff. I found that lar on a livonia persistence off server at a heli crash. They definitely need to make it to where these weapons spawn more. You basically have to find someone shit buried to find any of these weapons wich is sad. To me the game is broken and there is so much to fix wich seems like they never fix the real issues going on with this game wich many people have the same problem with roaming around everywhere never to find any of the M4'S,LAR'S,VSD'S and KAM. Along with all of the other annoying problems that dont get fixed in this game. It's a fun game but they need to fix all of these problems that go on in this game before it's a great game.