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Clans wrecking loot drops for new players
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So I don't actually have many issues with the game itself. I love the game and haven't played something I have enjoyed this much in a very long time. However my issue is that there are a lot of players that have been on this game for a long time and have banded together to create clans that horde and control all good loot on the maps. I am absolutely fed up with waiting for server restarts hoping that even some half decent loot would spawn. I originally thought that the game was just broken or programmed to just be unnecessarily difficult. However I now know different. I managed to get some loot together and build a base, so I logged off for a few hours. Logging on I found all my stuff gone as I had been raided. I did some investigating and managed to get invited to the party chat of a large clan that admitted to controlling all loot on the island so that nothing decent would actually spawn. Now I have no issue with people building big bases and raiding me and taking my stuff. My issue is there is nothing me or others can do in this situation cause people are able to control loot drops by hording. I questioned them on how they deal with raids as I wanted to raid them and they all told me they all have multiple accounts fully geared so that if they die during a raid they log out and log into their 2nd,3rd or even 4th account to fend off the raid.
I really love this game and I honestly really want to keep playing it, however this is a major issue as it totally destroys the game you have worked hard to create. These people are not actually playing the game they are just controlling loot so that anyone new to that server can't actually play the content they have paid for, stopping other people from having the full experience of this amazing game. I was effectively told by this clan to leave the server because they would not give away loot and they controlled all good weapons and armour, if this is the case you know for a fact they are not playing the game because they have everything at this point. They are just holding it to stop others from playing, and they are doing it deliberately. This is not just happening on my server it is on almost every server and it is wrecking the game. There needs to be a way for other players like me to turn the tables on these clans, or you need to at least make it so that clans cannot horde loot to the point that it doesn't respawn on server restarts. This is a huge problem in the community I haven't been playing for long so I'm sure you are already aware of this, but if it doesn't get fixed this will be the downfall of this game 100%. I really hope this gets resolved as it is a much bigger issue than it maybe sounds, it will turn people away if they know its full of people that are toxic and control the game deliberately to stop you from having the full experience.


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If I collect all the M4's that spawn and keep doing this on server restart the server stops loading M4's on a restart. And boom I now own all M4's. Rinse and repeat for all other good weapons and armour you create a situation where people have paid for a game where they only get to experience 25% of the actual content.

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Actually the game is sort of broken in wich there are quite a few things they need to fix. What server are you playing on? Official or Community? Yes people play cheap on hear but they can be defeated. What sever is this clan on? Do you want some help?