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Stockpiles of duplicated weapons
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Official server MI 9994 has several players that have been duplicating weapons and securing them in dig stashes around the map. In three months of playing on this server, none of us (crew of about 12), have found a single M4, KA 101 or KA M at any military loot spawn location (Tisy, Northwest Airfield, etc). Furthermore, out of dozens of helicopter crash sites, we have been unable to find any LAR, VSS or VSD weapons. This is ridiculous. Please consider a “hard reset” of the server and allow everyone to start fresh with the opportunity to acquire loot properly. For weeks, players on this server (Hammerhead7902, ZoeiBands, ARZe-bot, FlashBanger, V-Storm) were duping and constantly crashing the server, without any repercussions. A solid wipe of the server would reset all loot. We are requesting a hard reset of the server.


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ARFiveOh created this task.Mar 22 2020, 5:25 PM

That's the way it is on every chernaras servers. I have been to mutable heli crashes with no weapon. They just have not fixed the problem yet with so many other problems besides finding weapons to. I wouldn't want a refresh. I have mutable hours finding stuff that I have all to loose on a refresh. Wouldn't matter if they did that anyways.