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Light issues. Read description please
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I have wrote about this before. There is a light issue going on for me. I know other people have mentioned this on the feedback. It manly happens when the sun is out. If you look down with your character everything gets bright like it should be when looking up and forward but what happens when you look back up and forward it gets really dark. It really interferes with the gameplay and makes it difficult to see. I remember it got better awhile back on some update but then went back to this annoying light issue. If you type in light problem dayz ps4 on YouTube there is a perfect example of what is going on with the issues. Dayz ps4 light problem #1 is the video that someone posted about the issue. That is the same thing that is happening with me. If you can please explain or anybody explain why this is happening ? Or if anybody else is having this issue pleas let me know? Please fix this or look into this please.


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