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Inventory,Marlin bags and crates. Please read description
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This has been a never ongoing issue that never gets fixed. This used to only happen with crates but is now happening with marlin bags as well. Won't let me put items in marlin bags when there is plenty of room also when you put items in the marlin bags it won't let me grab them and then I have to put marlin bags to hands and take it back that way but then that doesn't work sometimes. I noticed I had put something in the marlin bag and then to my hands to get it back because I wanted to put another item in there but it wouldn't let me put it in the bag so I tried logging off and back in to see if that would work. I then un buried the bag and the item that I took out and put back in my inventory was in the bag. Please fix this issue with getting stuff out and putting stuff back in both the marlin bags and the crates. This has been going on for so long with no fix with this issue. Thank you


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Windows 7

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Syfer42p created this task.Mar 10 2020, 7:52 PM