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Lighting Issues
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There are 3 issues that persist while playing on Official servers:

  1. During day time I need to either angle my reticule about 45 degrees up or down in order for the distance to become brighter. If i straighten my reticule level at flat horizon i can barely see what's in front of me. I feel like an idiot running around always looking up or down coz i can't see in front of me clearly. I'd imagine this is quite high priority for ps4 players. (Edit: i got a response about this saying it should be fixed by next update)
  1. Light passing over hills will render in, which looks amazing, then i move my reticule a couple degrees over (also standing still) and the render vanishes and defaults to shadow. I move my reticule back, and the light returns.
  1. When inventory is open, hovering over an item in Vicinity most times does not show the item info anymore. I have to hold said item in my hands first to see item info. This happens about 90% of the time now and I'm not sure if it's intended.

This feedback is directed at the dev team only.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Ps4 Pro
Steps To Reproduce

Play any Official server, move and look around. Check Vicinity items from inventory menu.

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SmogTownRat set Operating System Version to Ps4 Pro.

Put on sun glasses or tactical goggles.

I am not referring to night time. Makes no difference with sun glasses

I just found that out myself. Someone told that and I thought I would try it but it did not work. I know that you are not talking about night time. I know what you are talking about. Same thing happens to me in the day time. It is so annoying. It has happened in the past and then with the last update it has come back. Not the last update but the one before last it was better but now since the update they had it has returned. It actually happens to with night vision goggles to at night. Look down everything gets bright the way it should be and then look back up and forward it gets darker. Hope they fix it and all of the other problems with the consoles