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Ps4 pro 1.12 “hot fix”
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A joke of a update has been released. Inventory bugs still there. Items unable to be taken off of players bodies (with ample amount of storage space). Items till unable to be taken out of tents. Serious frame rate issues, audio delay, rendering issues. I walked up to a zombie and stood there and he didn’t even notice me. Literally every time I eat or drink I get sick, I’ve cleaned this cooking pot 3 times and all I eat is cooked animal fat. Sick every time. I went throu a whole pack of tetra pills in 1 day of play. A big part of the game is base building which is so broken it’s not even worth trying. Anyone could raid your base with minimal supplies is sickening. The loot is so horrible on official serves because of duplication glitches. I’ve logged atleast 600+ hours of heavy looting gameplay (tier 3&4) on officials, and never saw 1 m4, vvs, or any rate rifle as a matter of fact. Their sooooo duped unless you come across a dupe players base you’ll never find one. The game is not rewarding for anyone who wants to take it serious. I play the game everyday wishing it would get better like so many people. I told myself after my server got taken down I’d never play, but I heard about a sick hot fix that was gonna resolve a bunch of game breaking issues. Unfortunately that isn’t the case and I just downloaded a 1.2gb paperweight of a update. I can’t even begin to describe how to replicate any of these bugs because it’s soooooooo bugged it just can happen any time at anywhere...Maybe you developers should take some of the money you’ve stolen off us and hire some actual software developers. If not honestly your games doomed for failure. It can be a rust killer if you guys use other resources to fix such a broken game. Looking forward to playing your next “hot fix” patch. Hire someone else.


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It’s not our job as a consumer to figure out your broken product.

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I’d honestly would like my money back

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You're damn right bro. I have been playing the game for more than 1500 hours since the release of the release on the PlayStation 4, and only after almost 900 hours of the game I accidentally captured two M4A1, one SVD, two LAR and one AK-101, I repeat this for 1500 hours of the game! And I took all this from other players by killing them. During the whole time of the game, I found such weapons only at the very beginning of the game, approximately September 2019. These are patches 1.02, 1.03 and 1.04, while my weapon was breaking every time because of a bug of a “stuck magazine that cannot be removed from a weapon” when you reload a weapon into a triangle. Since the massive problem of duplication of items began, I have not found a single good weapon, only any rubbish with which it is almost impossible to play and enjoy the game.
I have not met players with good weapons for a long time (LAR, M4A1, VSD, VSS, AK-101, KA-M), and also it is not present at any military facility and at no helicopter crash on any official server.
Bohemia strongly refuses to perceive and does not want to hear anything about wipe servers or introducing a system for controlling duplication of items (for example, by their unique identifier so that the copied item has exactly the same identifier as its original, after which the duplicated item is automatically destroyed on the server), or simply overcome the problem of duplication once and for all, but no! Instead, from patch to patch, Bohemia releases new bugs that allow you to crash the server and thereby begin to duplicate items over and over again, breaking the game to other honest players.
Many times I knew how to crash the server and knew the duplication methods, but I never used them and always played honestly. Once I sent a feedback message about one of the servers that there are at least 200 military tents in the area of ​​the "factory (Solnichniy)" on one of the servers and asked to wipe server as he was full of duplicate items. There were "Fresh spawn" with LAR in his hands! And killing them, new ones appeared from other accounts again with LAR in their hands. Bohemia ignored this feedback, and the tents after a long time collapsed themselves, had no objects inside .I understand that Bohemia does not give a damn about me as an honest and experienced player, they don’t want to erase the servers, they don’t want to fix the problem of duplication, they don’t want do anything, just say "soon" and "soon".
The inventory bug has not been fixed, they boasted this for players on the PC but on the PlayStation the items still do not rise from corpses, boxes, barrels and cars. Instead, they scoffed and introduced increased hunger, as well as the never-ending rain that makes you very cold and you starve even more, if you are Fresh Spawn, then you run in the rain like a homeless person, from one empty house to another empty house in which there is a helmet or pants in search of at least one can of canned food so that you just don’t die. As a result of a rage you just turn off the game. All this damn unbalancing and just want to remove the game once and for all.
All this sincerely discourages me from continuing to play this "shit" (excuse me, but I can’t call it a game by paying $ 60 for Chernorussia and $ 15 for Livonia) expecting for 1500 hours of the game to finally fix everything and wipe the servers and duplicated items.
Bohemia, I know that you threw all your energy into a new project and are working on it, it’s probably damn cool and motivates you, but know that not a single player who has ever played DAYZ will ever buy your games anymore, and all the forces that you threw into the new project are in vain. You are wasting your time and your money.

Explain the methods for duplicating if you want it to be patch better you make video


Like I said it’s not our job as a coustomer to figure out a broken game. Sorry