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Possible PS4 Hack Attempt
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The following happened on the SG 006 official ps4 server:

As i logged in, there was a glitch of zombies moving SUPER fast surrounding me and inescapable as they seemed to be spawning around me (must've been 20 or 30 at once). I ran into a barn, closed the door but about 10 rushed the other side - i had time to log out in that 15 second window.

Right after doing that, i get a blue ps4 notification screen saying that I am logged out of my ps plus account and someone else is using it on another ps4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What. The. F$%*

I turned my ps4 off and on again, only to find the same interruptive message happen after i re-log in to my ps plus account: seemingly someone has my ps plus password now and is trying to steal this account.. i went into my ps4 settings and i had to REACTIVATE THIS AS MY CURRENT PS4.

After doing, my ps plus account seemed safe. I haven't logged back into DayZ as this poses a security risk....


I am willing to call to explain in more detail if possible - this is serious.


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Windows 7
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Ps4 Pro
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To scared to try to reproduce on account of the potential security risk

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SmogTownRat updated the task description. (Show Details)Feb 20 2020, 1:44 PM

You need to be treated for paranoia bro, DAYZ has nothing to do with it.

This hasn't happened to me playing any other game. I had a notification saying that someone else is now logged in and using my ps plus account - potentially, they could change the passwords, email, etc and bar me from my account that has all my other games. This would cause panic to anyone that hasn't experienced this before. Your comment suggesting i be treated for paranoia shows poor character on your side pal. I'd hope forums like this aim to help players, not treat them like rubbish.

smexhy added a subscriber: smexhy.Feb 26 2020, 5:03 PM

You are retarded if you think someone can steal your acc over some dayz server sorry bro. This has nothing to do with dayz, contact Playstation support not dayz bug forum. And use 2 factory authentification ffs and change your password as any smart guy would do in your case.