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Dear DayZ Team

So i dont know who has gone completely insane in the development studio, but i can assure you my complaint will be followed by a sea of others, WHY OH WHY IN THE NAME OF LORD JESUS would you guys make night time same bright as daytime? please email me back when you have the time i'm praying that this is just a bug, but i am a daily day z player and as of patch 1.07 NIGHT VISION IS POINTLESS!!!!

Now i know that numerous members of your development team worked very hard to make the night vision work as wonderfully as it has in your games so far. please do not spit on their hard work by making NVG's useless...... this is a legit nightmare, my clan may as well kiss tactical night raids goodbye.... middle of the night and i can see from one side of SEVEROGRAD to the other! this is absolutely pathetic.... and not the type of nonsense that players interested in hardcore survival games like day z look for.......forreal a night time thats not dark? in DAYZ?! i feel like im playing Fallout 76 now... and we all know how well that ended..... come on guys. DO BETTER!... not to mention the tent bug was never fixed..... so instead of fixing a simple fix game breaking problem, you guys have gone and changed a mechanic INTEGRAL to gameplay.... and may have ruined the game for alot of people.... im not understanding the logic behind such a decision. Hardcore survival without dark nights?! what were you people thinking?! may as well make a platformer where you cant jump....


Operating System
Windows 7
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Steps To Reproduce

Step 1 Log in
Step 2 wait for nightfall
Step 3 no nightfall just slightly dimmer daytime period

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Zombies at night still blind, now essentially as threatening as a terminally ill cripple infant, i can see them a mile away but they cant see me 10 feet away..... aggroed a 30 infected swarm and they couldn't locate me cuz their nightblindness. meanwhile its pretty much bright as day.... ridiculous....

players creeping at night now have no ability to sneak, the dimness does NOTHING to mask player movements, shot someone in novy sobor earlier from over 150m with a Tundra after midnight..... ridiculous.... I CAN NOT stress enough how silly this is....

The Chernaurus international airfield no longer requires night vision to snipe ANYONE who attempts to enter from the Central ATC..... legitimately no need for any type of night vision in your game anymore.... 1000% obsolete with this new Bright-Night nonsense

i always respected the developers of a game with so much realism, its why i loved Dayz in spite of the facts lets be honest the graphics are pretty sub standard. The Level of Realism made up for the sub standard graphics, but i dont know if realism was ever even the goal now.... i'm just unspeakably disappointed in this update. turn back the clock plz.... i dont wanna play anymore. not to mention your company just shut down my home server where my clans base was..... please stop ruining your game.... fix the bugs, stop changing fundamental mechanics..... if Dayz wasnt good the way it was people wouldnt have been playing it up untill now. SO PLEASE! STOP BREAKING YOUR GAME!

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without Night vision Functional or even useful, Vehicles not properly working, Inventory screens even being bugged, my clan if forced to acknowledge the fact that there are other games that do exactly what day z does and better.... so please. fix this simple mistake. your game needs this function. night vision and the gameplay it encourages helps define it. if someone is upset that they fresh spawn in a night server and cant see their being childish, there are plenty of servers to choose that will be daytime. but to remove night altogether? thats a permanent solution to a VERY temporary problem and robs players of 40% of the diversity of their game experience

You know how many times I mentioned this to them. I 100% agree night time is a joke. Way to bright and yes you now can drive at night with no headlights and now be seen by someone with a non night vision scope 800 meters away.I don't get it either. They made it that way in the last update. I don't think they give a f##k what we think and don't even know if they read our comments. The darkness was fine before the update and hope they change it back the way it was or at least make it darker than it is now.