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I still cant get over that the server I had spent multiple hours every day collecting and stashing my loot is gone because those that did not know had no idea this was happening. You need to add a message board or some type of info to the menu alerting these things are going to happen to everyone. You really should bring back those servers for a week and let us grab our stuff? This is a joke that you probably don't care that we spend all this time finding stuff and than all gone for nothing. Even on low servers you still cant find anything. So now we are supposed to play on these high servers and never find anything now. I like to play on high servers don't get me wrong but it's hard enough to even find anything on low servers. I have lost some interest in playing this game witch I have enjoyed playing but now worry about what server I should go on and wonder if I should even bother building a base or finding stuff to stash all to loose it again. What servers are going to be next? I wander if you guys read are comments and feedback? There are so many issues still going on with this game. 8 heli crashes I know I was the first to be there and not one weapon at any of them. Again I found a 4x4 door once at a heli crash. How does that make sense? Been to mutable military bases with not one weapon and again I know I was the first there. For example tisy military base where you think after going there mutable times and the first one there with not one m4 or lar or vsd and vss. There are tons of magazines for them but not one gun. Spend hours traveling to all these locations all to find nothing. There is a annoying light issue that keeps happening when looking down it gets bright and normal the way it should be.Than you look back up and forward it gets dark effecting your vision so much that its effects the game play. It does it with night vision goggles as well. There are other issues as well. I will continue to play the game but I will definitely play it differently now because of this server loss and loosing everything.. I wish you could bring back the servers that were taken off and bring them back for a week so we could grab our stuff? I know that probably won't happen. Just wanted to let you know that some people had know idea and lost everything. If you have had a message board in the menu or alerted us with a in game message we could have gotten are stuffed moved. Us LA-2617 and others gone. RIP to all my stuff and others who spent so many hours and time to get.


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Syfer42p created this task.Feb 20 2020, 2:17 AM