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100% agree. Had no idea about server shutdown. Read description
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I agree that this is some BS. I was just playing the other night on my server that I have also hours and days gathering stuff and collecting. For us that are new and do not know where to go and find out that the server we play on is now gone. You guys really need to ad a message board on the game so we are aware of this. I really wish you would bring back the servers that we have lost so we could at least grab some of the stuff we have spent multiple hours and days finding and collecting. That probably won't happen because its probably erased now. What is the point of finding things or base building if are just going to loose it all? Now we have have to move to another server and start all over. This makes me not want to base build anymore or want to find things and store stuff that I find without fearing that it will all happen again. How many more servers will be shut down till there will be none? I really like the game even with some of the bugs but agree that coming out with a new map before you have fixed this one has blown my mind.


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