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I can not find official server (Dayz US-LA 2293)


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Windows 7

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I can not find official server

Same man playing server 2581 US just disappeared. Nice base too...if ya can find it ;)

When did it happen to you?

Someone just told me that they just got rid of them and I had no idea. I just started playing a few months ago so I have no idea where to go and find out why. My server is supposedly gone along with others. US LA-2617 is one of the servers I had a bunch of my loot buried on so it sucks to loose of my stuff, That's what someone just told me so I don't know for sure.

Are you also on ps4

Yes if you talking to me .

There where a BUNCH of servers taken down. Apparently gear is completely whiped. Sorry to the thousands of people that didn’t know and lost everything. Thanks dayz for doing us dirty AGAIN. Not only did your patch break the game more. The past 300hours plus of gameplay are gone just like that. Seriously guys thanks again