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Dayz issues after update. Read description please.
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So after the update that was supposed to fix some of the issues has done nothing but wake it worse than it was before the update. There are light issues going on that have happened in the past and was much better after the previous update. Now with the new update these light issues have return and it almost makes the game unplayable. Everytime you look down it gets bright and when looking back up and forward it gets really darker. It does it when you have night vision goggles on to at night. You almost have to keep your head down and barely look up and forward to prevent it from getting dark to where it really effects your vision. The night time in my opinion is to bright. You can now drive with no headlights on and see where you are driving. I can see somebody now with no night vision scope as far as you can see in the dark. How does this make sense? I like using flares and glow sticks at night but now I feel like I am in Alaska because it is so bright at night. All of the the things you use for night time almost make no sense now. Almost. Again when moon is out this would be a perfect setting how night is now and when it is not it should be dark and you should not be able to see without night vision goggles, flares,glow sticks and flashlights. Things are getting stuck now in marlin bags and aslo unable to dig up or bury them sometimes now. This was happening with crates but now happening with marlin bags as well. Also feels like we are in the Amazon rain forest all the time because it does nothing but rain most of the time. Rain is great but not constant all the time. It would actually be great if you come out with like a full body poncho or something so we could actually enjoy the rain without worrying about getting hypothermia or watching are health drop everytime we are in the rain. I don't get either adding a amusement park rides. It would be great if we could say you add a battery to like the bumper car ride and we could all play bumper cars. That would be funny as hell. Something going on with frame rate or lag. I noticed running along and sometimes after you crouch to that something is going on with the ground. I found that if you equip your weapon and then re equip your weapon it goes away. The game to me was fine before the update and now there are more problems than there was before.


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Syfer42p created this task.Feb 17 2020, 1:43 AM