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General usability
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Why there's so many unnecessary steps between actions???

  1. e.g. using inventory:

1.1. when "in hands" active and you have e.g. back pack in your hands with items and you navigate to some specific item and move it to pocket or something the action/step jumps away from "in hands". This is just stupid. Why it automatically moves away from where it is??? Why it can't stay where it is and let the player make the move.

  1. remove the pointless steps when aiming through scopes. Aiming should be available by pressing a button once - not twice.
  1. mic goes on by itself - this started to happen after the 1.10 update.
  1. usability of guns is somewhat weird and awkward - lacks basic smoothness used to 1st or 3rd person shooters normally have.
  1. cloud/sun tweak is a lot worse after 1.10 - preferred the earlier version.
  1. sounds don't work correctly - sometimes part of the team hears e.g. wolves howling and others don't whilst in same vicinity - same with gunshots.
  1. with no warning you can't fire your weapon


Operating System
Windows 7
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Play the freaking game!

Additional Information

The maturity of this game is somewhat pre-alfa. This should have not been released since the game is quite obviously broken and lacks so many things. I have never ever bumped into so broken game ever. Where I can get my money back? This game is NOT worth of 50 euros by far.

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