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Night time to bright. Read description please.
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Night time was fine before update. Now it is so bright at night you don't need night vision anymore and mine as well get rid of flares,glow sticks,night vision scopes. I don't understand why everytime you do a update the game gets worse. It is so bright at night you now can aim with a scope without night vision and see everything. What is the point now to have anything like night vision goggles or night vision scope or anything to do with using at night. Night time was perfectly fine before. All kinds of new problems. I get it if the moon was out that it could be this bright at night but without the moon it should be dark. Night vision doesn't even work properly now that it is ridiculous to bright at night now. Please change night time back to night time because night time is like day time now. That's the point to have night vision goggles and a night vision scope but now it is pointless having those things. Even flares and glow sticks or a torch is pointless now. Please please please change it back to how it was before update. You really should ad to your feedback site a response person who actually responds back to us about the feedback we give. I love the game but man with the night time being so bright like this where you don't need night vision goggles or a night vision scope or anything that has to do with night time is disappointing. I hope you will look until this because night time is way to bright now.


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Syfer42p created this task.Feb 14 2020, 3:51 AM

I agree 100%. Way to bright at night. It's like there is always a full moon after the update.