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Scrolling through inventory activates in game chat.
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When using directional pad to scroll through your open inventory it turns on your in game chat. Also believe I still have this issue while change range on scoped rifles. Might be on purpose so you can chat while looting but in case its not.


Operating System
Windows 7
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Open inventory and hit down button on directional pad.

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Edit: scrolling through the list of online players also activates ingame chat.

buzzth3bee added a comment.EditedFeb 14 2020, 2:40 AM

Notes: wouldn't mind a different button for chat. Like L3. It would allow for toggling chat with moving your thumb off of movement and would keep glitches like this from happening with double use buttons.

I recant that. L3 is hold breath option. So back to square one on that idea

No it's not supposed to be doing that with the d pad. Before the update it was never doing that. Hope they fix that. The changing of meters on scope I can live with but so annoying with the inventory. Was wandering if you think night time is to bright now? It sucks now because if you have night vision goggles it does not work properly and is to bright at night now since the update. Also wandering if you noticed terrible frame rate especially when looking at the ground when running?

Confirm and reported this.