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Frame rate,lightning and inventory. Read description.
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So I am assuming that it is the frame rate when you are running and looking down and the ground looks like it is moving fast or twitching when you are moving about. I don't know but just guessing. It is terrible and was not doing that before the update. Also the lighting is brightening when you look down and darkening when you look back up and forward. I remember it doing that before a couple of updates before then it seemed like it was better after the last update but now with the new update it is doing it again. When in inventory now using the d pad causes the voice to be activated wich was not happening before update. Hopping that all these things will be looked until and fixed because it's worse than it was before update. Great game but why all the problems all the time with consoles especially after updates? Not bitching but only giving feedback. Again great game but you need to make it better for consoles.


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