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Heli crashes and duping.
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So I have come across 7 helicopter crashes since I started playing this game about 3 months now and not once was there a weapon at any of the crashes. I find that a little odd. The only thing that I finally found at one was night vision goggles and a gilly hood. And that's it. The last crash that I found literally only had a green beret hat a box of 308 ammo and believe it or not a 4x4 door. You think out of 7 crashes that I would find one gun but nothing. Please make more weapons available at heli crashes. Also you guys really need to do something about people that are duplicating items and now this new one where there are duplicating characters. People are not even playing the game properly. How is it fair for the people that don't dupe and those that do and have a never ending supply of items. Yes I have some of the same items buried but I went out and searched for them and when I run out I go and look for more to bury. It's a great game and yes we have to deal with issues until they are fixed but please do something about dupers and duplicating. It would be nice to find a weapon at a heli crash once in a while to. Thanks.


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Syfer42p created this task.Feb 7 2020, 9:53 PM
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Sorry I laughed so hard when you said you found a 4x4 door at heli crash site. Some of occasions were resulted by that someone else got there before you? I agreed with what you said and feel for you. I kinda stopped playing lately due to same issues you've pointed out..I still haven't purchased Livotnia map, just to show my appreciation and a personal protest about the on-going issues. You know it's funny that this feedback panel is also broken as you edit the comment and it doesn't update the main page.