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Duper attacking my groups base non-stop
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A duper by the name of x_Lj_817x(2) keeps harassing us over private message and duping kits. I have screenshot proof and don't know where else to report this. I have evidence to back this claim and will be happy to provide if I'm directed where to send the images.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Bragged to us saying all he had to do was log on with a second PlayStation

Additional Information

Us-mi 2572 (persistence on)
Has a (2) next to his name until he kills his second character

Admitted to it in a party chat and threatened to continue. Screenshots taken show him logging in and out with the (2) then losing it.

If this issue is allowed to continue how are we supposed to keep a base safe? Every time we kill them they have the same vsd and Ka-M kit.

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Hey bronlar 717 question? I think I have seen him on the server I play on. Only been playing this game for a few months now and just wondering what to look out for when people are duping? I have seen a little about duping on YouTube but don't really know everything about it. Is there different types of duping or is it all the same? You mentioned that he had the same stuff when he was killed. I have a few of the same guns buried but I found them and buried them.So when I die and can go and un bury my stuff and have the same gear I had before. They really need to do something in the future about dupers. I spend alot of hours gathering my stuff so it sucks that people can do that. I think I am pretty sure I have seen him on the server I play on but not positive. I will definitely look out for that name and confirm he is playing on the sever I play on. I have seen other names with that start with that same X_ and assuming that they are all in the same group.