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Good day,
I am a new user to Dayz and I am struggling to keep up with the game for ps4. I find there is not enough supplies. I require medical, tools, food and water. There is just no way to survive without these supplies. I would appreciate if more items could be planted in the game. Thank you.


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Please allow more items to be found in the game such as food, water and tools.

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Require more supplies.

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dsimps3 created this task.Jan 28 2020, 2:12 AM
dsimps3 changed Operating System from Windows 7 to MacOS.
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Yes it is hard to find things sometimes and yes things should spawn a little faster but it might take a few lives before you start that nee journey. Once you find a little food and a weapon you need to hunt for your food. Deer,cow,pig and so on and on. I only carry a few cans of food on me now because I hunt for all my food. It took me a little bit to get used to the game. Learning how to survive and stay alive. You will get used to it eventually. And it sucks to die when you are fully geared but it will happen. Then you start a new journey.